Thursday, December 11, 2014

Something amazing just happened!..

I am SOOOOO excited!! The news called and wanted to interview me!

I was so nervous that for check I forgot my name! I was so embarassed I thought that would go on the news! In so glad it didn't.

What I  so thankful for is that there are all these people I just don't know and they care as much about these kids as me, TOTAL STRANGERS are donating after this news story!!

I got a 20$, 25$, 30$, 50$, donation!!!!!

AND at least 5 people have contacted wanting to know where to donate! I can't wait till they do!! Maybe. I will get MORE than 100 bags to pass out!!

I promise to keep you updated!!

Here is the news story incase you missed it.

Thank you for your prayers and help!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

This post is slow..

to come because things have been a little slow coming in lately.  I was hoping for more, but you know what??  I don't care!

I am EXCITED to give the items I DO have because it means THAT MANY more kids won't have to freeze this winter.  I know it is hard to imagine them freezing because it has been so nice, but think about it.  Don't you remember those days when it was like 10?  You had a coat and boots, you were warm.  Well there are children going to school on those days who wear just a sweater or a spring like  coat because that is all they have.

I am so excited to go deliver what I get in two weeks.

SOOOOOO you have two weeks!  PLEASE if you haven't done so, go through your kids stuff and see if there is anything all have grown out of and consider donating them to me.

I have received a few really great donations though.

Mrs. Gloria, a friend of my mommy's friend, she sent me a really exciting package!!  Gloves and SUPER cute warm hats!  See??

And a few other items to add to my bags as well.  Thank you SO much for helping, caring.

I also got a few other wonderful neighbor donations.  One lady, she came before, but I got to quick meet her this time, she found a few more hats and gave me $10!!!!

 I can't WAIT to go shopping!!  My mom got a coupon for Kid to Kid so I can maybe find some deals!  Also going to go to other second hand places, like Goodwill or Savers!!

Thank you for praying for my project, but please also pray for the children that I will be giving these items to.

Thank you!