Monday, February 23, 2015

Winter Warm Bag update

This post has been a LONG time coming!  But my mom was making a video and wanted me to wait so I could share it here.

Simply 7 Video Show
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I am SO SO SO excited to tell you what has happened!!

After I was on the news some amazing people that I dont even know ended up donating to me, some money, and some items.  With the help of the community I ended up with SO MUCH stuff!! 

The night before delivery my basement was OVERtaken with stuff.  My whole family helped sort items, first into boy or girl, then into sizes.  Then we took each coat and matched it to a hat and gloves.  The boots they got to choose when they recieved the coat beasue we have no way of knowing their size.  It took us hours and hours to finish.  We had so much fun though.

I have a neat story for you, I found these two little 3T coats, exactly alike, but different colors.  And then this ladty made some beautiful matching hats.  All I kept picturing when I was looking at stuff and puttting it all together is how cool it would be for two best friends to get these coats.  I kept seeing these two little girls arm and arm giggling because they were twins.  But...I had no way to make this happen...

However God did.  It is amazing how He can work.  I learned from the person who was in charge of passing them out at the shelter, that REALLY two little girls who were BEST friends DID get the coats!!  She said it was seriously teh cutest thing she ever saw!!  I am so excited!!   God MUST have put that dream in my head, how else could the exact thing have happened?

Anyhow I went to deliver them and we filled FOUR laundry carts full, her office was OVER FLOWING with bags!!  I am so excited to announce I delivered not 100, but 119 Winter Warm Bags!!!!

I am not going to stop here though, winter is not the only time kids are in need of a smile and love!  I want to help special situations along wtih my monthly birthday bags!! 

Because remember "every child needs a reason to smile on their birthday"

I hope you keep checking back and you keep up with me!!  I want to make Simply 7 HUGE!!  Please help me! 
SHare about it!!  Go out and do some of your own things, i can even send you my logo so you can make a sticker and put Simply 7 on it.  Just tell me about it and I will write about it here!!!!! 

Thanks for caring~~