Saturday, November 21, 2015

New Goal LONG TIME since I posted

Hello!!  My mom looked and said I need to learn how to type so she doesn't have to.  She says sorry it has been so long that she hasn't typed anything for me, I've asked her a few times, but never at a good time.  We WILL get better at this!!

Well since it has been a while HELLO!!  I have been busy!!  I still do birthday bags, my favorite so far I did this summer was for a little newborn girl!! OH I love shopping for children!!

I still do a lot with my school, I'm in 5th now, and I play soccer and trumpet and am in dance.  I also help play and take care of my little sisters and brother.

I DO have a new goal I REALLY REALLY want to reach, but I also know it is going to be very hard to do.  It is bigger than the rest, and it is around this holiday time, so PLEASE spread the word if you can. 

I want to raise AT LEAST 200

Pajamas (new or gently used)
small stuffed animal
warm/fuzzy socks

for children ages 0-teenager

My reason??  Tis the season to be COZY.  Ok so people all over do things for Christmas time.  They have coat drives, toy drives, even dinners and such.  BUT what about AFTER christmas.  What about the kids who now have no one looking their way again.  They are kind of forgotten.  I want them to be WARM AND KNOW they are loved AFTER Christmas.  So my goal is to have these items by early January so I can deliever them sometime in January.

Now I dont know about you, but I LOVE to snuggle up in some jammies and grab a stuffed toy!!  But these kids hardly get ANYTHING new.  It could be so nice for theese kids to be able to do that!

PLEASE consider passing this along and donating!!!!
you can ask any questions here

I will post updates as they come in here!!