Thursday, April 11, 2013

It happened again!

Hi I'm back!

On Wednesday somebody sent me a bag, i was SO excited! this was my second package since my news. it was FULL of jewelry with necklaces and earrings and clip on earrings and bracelets to help my Simply 7! If you are reading this mrs. Ella thank you very much you really helped!

Also a friend of my Ga's (grandma) really helped too. She gave 10$. I'm really excited to use this money to pick out stuff for the homeless children!

Monday, April 8, 2013

I got a surprise!

I got home from school today and there was a surprise I never expected! Someone who knows my mom's friend, named Mrs. Gloria helped me a lot on my project! I found a box on my porch with all sorts of stuff in it! I got really excited! Stuff in it like hand sanitizer and stuffed animals and poncho balls and candy and even stuff for adults so I can make family packs. I am really really glad she helped! If you are reading this Mrs. Gloria thank you so much you really helped simply 7!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Do you want to help?

I would LOVE if you wanted to help.  Either by sending donations, donation money, or by helping with your church, or family and giving it to a shelter by you.

Here is all you have to do to make a little kid who REALLY needs a smile happy!

Take a ziplock bag, fill one (or more) with

*Kids Shampoo
*Kids Toothpaste
*Kids toothbrush
*snack like trail mix with m&m's something kids love
*a small toy, like from the dollar store or stickers or something
*kids pair of socks

Then make a card with the simply seven mark...this one, you can just save it and print it on paper or shipping stickers

Put a small note in telling them you wish them a super happy birthday and they are loved.

The reason you need to make sure the things are kid, like the shampoo and toothpaste is because then they really will know they are special and this was made JUST for THEM.

Thats IT.  YOU WILL MAKE THEM SMILE. I promise you.  It is that easy to make sure they have a happy birthday!

THEN if you take pictures of you doing this and send them to my emmail

I will put them here and I will write all about the way you helped and show your pictures!  When someone sees that someone else did it too maybe EVEN MORE people will want to help.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

I want every homeless boy and girl to know they are LOVED

My name is Alia and the night of my sisters birthday I decided that I just couldn't be happy because I knew there were children out there celebrating their birthday, but they weren't happy like us, because they didn't even have enough clothes to wear.

It was that night I told my mom how much it hurt my heart and I wanted EVERY child in the whole world to not feel that sadness.

She said to start with the kids around here.  So that is what I decided to do.   I made up a name for myself and everything! 

Simply 7

It is because I am 7 years old, and I want to make at least 7 Birthday Bags each month, and I want to tell 7 people and ask if they can do the same each month.  It's, Simply....7.   It is also Gods special number, so it seemed special to me.

After deciding this my moms friend told her they had a homeless Easter thing in the park a few weeks away.  I decided to raise 100 each of; child's toothpaste, child's toothbrush, child's shampoo, toy, snack and child's socks. 

I over reached my goal and was able to hand out about 80 bags to every child I could find there!  I even have a ton left over that I will make into birthday Bags and they are doing another homeless lunch in June, and I want each kid there to know that they are so special, to at least one person! 

I love knowing I make them smile!

If you want to help out please leave me a message or donate.  Or you can email me also at

I would LOVE to have you send pictures of you doing the same thing and I will share them here!  If you live close I can deliver them and if you live far away you can just tell me where you took them.

Love one Another