Monday, April 8, 2013

I got a surprise!

I got home from school today and there was a surprise I never expected! Someone who knows my mom's friend, named Mrs. Gloria helped me a lot on my project! I found a box on my porch with all sorts of stuff in it! I got really excited! Stuff in it like hand sanitizer and stuffed animals and poncho balls and candy and even stuff for adults so I can make family packs. I am really really glad she helped! If you are reading this Mrs. Gloria thank you so much you really helped simply 7!


  1. I will pass this on so Ms. Gloria can see it.

  2. Alia-I'm passing this mote on to you from my step mother in law Miss Gloria...
    I'm so happy you got your litttle care box.. It was fun and I'll be sending a little box or an envelope every month honey.I'm April and Taylors grandma. You are doing a wonderful thing and I so admire you for that. I'm challlenging the world to send you something every month, no matter how big or small. God bless you sweetie. ..Miss Gloria