Friday, November 21, 2014

Imagine your toes so cold, it hurt SO much to walk......

BOOTS!!   I need boots!
I still need everything, but boots are what I now have the least of.

However as I was thinking of writing this I got a PACKAGE on my DOORSTEP from Walmart......I can't even tell you HOW EXCITED I was to read the note that said, "Thank you Simply 7 for keeping childrens feet warm"

And there were FOUR BRAND NEW pair of boots in it!!  No idea who sent it but THAN K YOU!!

And then I got a bag from two different friends at school with warm coats in it!  Four of them.

Another neighbor put a surprise in my box, two more warm coats and some gloves, the real warm kind!!

And another neighbor friend who had already donated told my mom she couldn't pass up a deal at walmart on some hats!!  So she brough me some more!!

And lastly another neighbor dropped off a boys coat and some nija gloves and warm gloves.  It looks SOOOOO warm!!!!!  

THANK YOU ALL so much!!!!!!!!

But now the hard part...........I am stretching my goal out into december because I want SO BADLY to reach it to make 100 KIDS WARM!!  But I have too far to go and need more help if I am going to be able to do this!!

I currently have 

25 coats
20 boots
35 hats
56 gloves

PLEASE I ask you if you know anyone that is heading to a second hand store to give their winter stuff away encourage them my way!!

But even if I dont make the goal I am SO proud of myself because I know if I help even ONE kid, THAT kid matters!!


Monday, November 17, 2014

Thank YOU City Church!!

WOW!  I bet you can imagine my face as I walked into City Kids at my church and I looked to the side and noticed several garbage BAGS FULL of winter stuff!!  Oh my goodness I was excited~~

I want to thank City Church for caring about the quality of little kids lives!!

I can't wait to donate all this stuff!  I went home and looked at everything.  WOW!

13 pair of boots!  Man did I need these, I only had 3!!
2 snow pants
6 gloves
5 hats
9 scarves
a bunch of sweatshirts 
5 COZY coats!!

And some toothbrushes and toothpaste, a couple really cute cups and a very generous dollar!

I love being a part of something like this!  Thank you!

Also my wonderful neighbor dropped by with some gloves, and another teacher I love, Mrs Hazel gave me some gloves and some money for what I need!!
20 gloves and 9 hats!!

I have a LONG way to go so as always please share this with anyone you think might have coats and stuff lying around to donate, or are looking for a thanksgiving or christmas "project"  THANK YOU!!


Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Please pass this along

I am SO grateful for the wonderful people who have donated to Simply 7!!

Every day I come home I am giddy ready to check my box and see if any more donations have come in.

Last week I had some wonderful people donate!

I had this great neighbor give two coats and some gloves and hats.

Another stranger left a bunch of coats!

My awesome teacher from last year, Ms. Potter gave a really cool boys "outfit"

Some people from church found a few coats and hats.

And yet another neighbor left a bunch of gloves.

BUT I have SO much still needed to come in!!  PLEASE help me find people to help reach my goal.  The coats and boots DO NOT have to be new.  Just not gross!  Anything is SO appreciated and really helps!


You also may donate at the bottom of this page and I can buy the stuff from second hand stores.

Please think about the little kids, maybe the age of one of yours, and think of them this winter, cold and not understanding why they can't have a coat to keep them warm.

I can GIVE them that!

Please help me.

And THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH to all my wonderful friends who have donated!!

So far I have
9 boys coats
5 girls coats
28 gloves
3 pair boots
4 girls hats
7 boys hats

Thank you for your help!!