Monday, November 17, 2014

Thank YOU City Church!!

WOW!  I bet you can imagine my face as I walked into City Kids at my church and I looked to the side and noticed several garbage BAGS FULL of winter stuff!!  Oh my goodness I was excited~~

I want to thank City Church for caring about the quality of little kids lives!!

I can't wait to donate all this stuff!  I went home and looked at everything.  WOW!

13 pair of boots!  Man did I need these, I only had 3!!
2 snow pants
6 gloves
5 hats
9 scarves
a bunch of sweatshirts 
5 COZY coats!!

And some toothbrushes and toothpaste, a couple really cute cups and a very generous dollar!

I love being a part of something like this!  Thank you!

Also my wonderful neighbor dropped by with some gloves, and another teacher I love, Mrs Hazel gave me some gloves and some money for what I need!!
20 gloves and 9 hats!!

I have a LONG way to go so as always please share this with anyone you think might have coats and stuff lying around to donate, or are looking for a thanksgiving or christmas "project"  THANK YOU!!


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