Friday, April 17, 2015

One cool thing leads to another

After doing all of the winter warm bags my mom had a surprise for me.
A lady from the sandy city council said that a chairman had seen my newspaper article from the beginning. He wanted to honor me!  I was surprised, it wasn't something that happens every day!

When my family and I got there there were all sorts of people there! We waited for a few minutes...then they played my video! (Post before this one) I was nervous excited. When they called my name to stand up there I was like nervous, but when he started reading the resolution, he started tearing up...I never thought I could do stuff like that, make a grown up cry. 

When I started simply 7 I just wanted to help with kids and now I can help so many. There were so many watching. 

Oh also one of the best parts! Before I went to the meeting my Mom went to Justice to get me a dress for the meeting, when she was telling them why she was buying me a dress the lady was so touched she told my mom the next big goal to bring on flyers and she would hand them out THERE!!! Do you KNOW how many people that can reach that I couldn't have on my own?! Omg I was so excited such a cool store to hand them out!! I can't wait to help others!!