Monday, February 23, 2015

Winter Warm Bag update

This post has been a LONG time coming!  But my mom was making a video and wanted me to wait so I could share it here.

Simply 7 Video Show
click that to see what I've been up to!!

I am SO SO SO excited to tell you what has happened!!

After I was on the news some amazing people that I dont even know ended up donating to me, some money, and some items.  With the help of the community I ended up with SO MUCH stuff!! 

The night before delivery my basement was OVERtaken with stuff.  My whole family helped sort items, first into boy or girl, then into sizes.  Then we took each coat and matched it to a hat and gloves.  The boots they got to choose when they recieved the coat beasue we have no way of knowing their size.  It took us hours and hours to finish.  We had so much fun though.

I have a neat story for you, I found these two little 3T coats, exactly alike, but different colors.  And then this ladty made some beautiful matching hats.  All I kept picturing when I was looking at stuff and puttting it all together is how cool it would be for two best friends to get these coats.  I kept seeing these two little girls arm and arm giggling because they were twins.  But...I had no way to make this happen...

However God did.  It is amazing how He can work.  I learned from the person who was in charge of passing them out at the shelter, that REALLY two little girls who were BEST friends DID get the coats!!  She said it was seriously teh cutest thing she ever saw!!  I am so excited!!   God MUST have put that dream in my head, how else could the exact thing have happened?

Anyhow I went to deliver them and we filled FOUR laundry carts full, her office was OVER FLOWING with bags!!  I am so excited to announce I delivered not 100, but 119 Winter Warm Bags!!!!

I am not going to stop here though, winter is not the only time kids are in need of a smile and love!  I want to help special situations along wtih my monthly birthday bags!! 

Because remember "every child needs a reason to smile on their birthday"

I hope you keep checking back and you keep up with me!!  I want to make Simply 7 HUGE!!  Please help me! 
SHare about it!!  Go out and do some of your own things, i can even send you my logo so you can make a sticker and put Simply 7 on it.  Just tell me about it and I will write about it here!!!!! 

Thanks for caring~~

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Winter warm shopping!

Today I went shopping with the money I got in donations for the winter warm bags.

This lady at one of the stores we went to was so awesome and really nice! She let me have 20% off anytime I shop there for Simply 7!!! I KNOW this made it so I could afford soooo much more for the bags, you should see ALLLLLL the coats I got!!! She was just so helpful and nice!! Made me happy. 

I'm so excited because of this and with all of you and your donations I just KNOW I reached my goal!! 

My doctor even donated this week!! I was so excited by his generous donation I jumped up and gave him a hug!! I thanked him soooo much!!

And these....aren't they beautiful?!?!? There were soooooo many of them!!! This wonderful lady saw the news story and decided to not only donate gloves but knitted all these amazing hats!! Don't they look warm???!

I'm really excited to deliver the bags!!! My mom said we will put the bags together this week and deliver them on the 26. She has been working with the girl at the shelter and this day is the best to deliver.

I'm giddy to deliver and make difference!

Monday, January 5, 2015

A delivery date has been set!!

Mom here a second... I just wanted to thank you for your patience in reading this. We travel home for extended time over the holidays so Alia hasn't been able to without further ado......

I'm so excited!! I have so much to tell you!! Ummmm ok...when we got home, ALL THIS was in my living room!! Can you believe it?! I'm not sure who all gave but I wanted to give a HUGE thanks to my soccer coach Mrs. Sara for contacting the whole team to find donations!!! And she dropped them I know lots of these are my teams. THANK YOU ALL!!!

Sooooo I finally have a delivery date and I'm so excited about it! It couldn't come soon enough for me!! I'm working with a shelter.... So while I won't get to meet the kids I'm helping I will be able to get specific sizes so I know "who" the bags are going to!! I also know that there are more children than my 100 bags so I'm SOOO excited to be able to bless so many!!!

I can't wait to tell you about it!! 

As always if you have anything last mi ute I'll take it!! Mom is taking me shopping part on Saturday and part on Monday....then we are delivering Saturday the 17!!!!!!  YAY!! 

Please keep this project and the kids getting stuff in your prayers. Thank you!!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Something amazing just happened!..

I am SOOOOO excited!! The news called and wanted to interview me!

I was so nervous that for check I forgot my name! I was so embarassed I thought that would go on the news! In so glad it didn't.

What I  so thankful for is that there are all these people I just don't know and they care as much about these kids as me, TOTAL STRANGERS are donating after this news story!!

I got a 20$, 25$, 30$, 50$, donation!!!!!

AND at least 5 people have contacted wanting to know where to donate! I can't wait till they do!! Maybe. I will get MORE than 100 bags to pass out!!

I promise to keep you updated!!

Here is the news story incase you missed it.

Thank you for your prayers and help!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

This post is slow..

to come because things have been a little slow coming in lately.  I was hoping for more, but you know what??  I don't care!

I am EXCITED to give the items I DO have because it means THAT MANY more kids won't have to freeze this winter.  I know it is hard to imagine them freezing because it has been so nice, but think about it.  Don't you remember those days when it was like 10?  You had a coat and boots, you were warm.  Well there are children going to school on those days who wear just a sweater or a spring like  coat because that is all they have.

I am so excited to go deliver what I get in two weeks.

SOOOOOO you have two weeks!  PLEASE if you haven't done so, go through your kids stuff and see if there is anything all have grown out of and consider donating them to me.

I have received a few really great donations though.

Mrs. Gloria, a friend of my mommy's friend, she sent me a really exciting package!!  Gloves and SUPER cute warm hats!  See??

And a few other items to add to my bags as well.  Thank you SO much for helping, caring.

I also got a few other wonderful neighbor donations.  One lady, she came before, but I got to quick meet her this time, she found a few more hats and gave me $10!!!!

 I can't WAIT to go shopping!!  My mom got a coupon for Kid to Kid so I can maybe find some deals!  Also going to go to other second hand places, like Goodwill or Savers!!

Thank you for praying for my project, but please also pray for the children that I will be giving these items to.

Thank you!

Friday, November 21, 2014

Imagine your toes so cold, it hurt SO much to walk......

BOOTS!!   I need boots!
I still need everything, but boots are what I now have the least of.

However as I was thinking of writing this I got a PACKAGE on my DOORSTEP from Walmart......I can't even tell you HOW EXCITED I was to read the note that said, "Thank you Simply 7 for keeping childrens feet warm"

And there were FOUR BRAND NEW pair of boots in it!!  No idea who sent it but THAN K YOU!!

And then I got a bag from two different friends at school with warm coats in it!  Four of them.

Another neighbor put a surprise in my box, two more warm coats and some gloves, the real warm kind!!

And another neighbor friend who had already donated told my mom she couldn't pass up a deal at walmart on some hats!!  So she brough me some more!!

And lastly another neighbor dropped off a boys coat and some nija gloves and warm gloves.  It looks SOOOOO warm!!!!!  

THANK YOU ALL so much!!!!!!!!

But now the hard part...........I am stretching my goal out into december because I want SO BADLY to reach it to make 100 KIDS WARM!!  But I have too far to go and need more help if I am going to be able to do this!!

I currently have 

25 coats
20 boots
35 hats
56 gloves

PLEASE I ask you if you know anyone that is heading to a second hand store to give their winter stuff away encourage them my way!!

But even if I dont make the goal I am SO proud of myself because I know if I help even ONE kid, THAT kid matters!!


Monday, November 17, 2014

Thank YOU City Church!!

WOW!  I bet you can imagine my face as I walked into City Kids at my church and I looked to the side and noticed several garbage BAGS FULL of winter stuff!!  Oh my goodness I was excited~~

I want to thank City Church for caring about the quality of little kids lives!!

I can't wait to donate all this stuff!  I went home and looked at everything.  WOW!

13 pair of boots!  Man did I need these, I only had 3!!
2 snow pants
6 gloves
5 hats
9 scarves
a bunch of sweatshirts 
5 COZY coats!!

And some toothbrushes and toothpaste, a couple really cute cups and a very generous dollar!

I love being a part of something like this!  Thank you!

Also my wonderful neighbor dropped by with some gloves, and another teacher I love, Mrs Hazel gave me some gloves and some money for what I need!!
20 gloves and 9 hats!!

I have a LONG way to go so as always please share this with anyone you think might have coats and stuff lying around to donate, or are looking for a thanksgiving or christmas "project"  THANK YOU!!