Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Summer goal

Hello All its MOM....I have taken some time off from posting.  We have had lots of family stuff going on and Alia isn't a fast typer, still quite in the learning phase.:)
Anyhow everything has been going well.  She still does the birthday bags, but we have not had any  big movement, until NOW...but she will tell you all about that in a little bit.
I also thought it might be good to move this to a facebook account as it would be easier for HER to make her own typing and postings instead of myself typing dictations.  That way she can keep you updated more often and you can interact with her and her goals.
I also plan on turning it into an official non profit as Alia just keeps coming up with new goasl.  So please stay tuned with this AND to find the new facebook page and all the fun that is coming up.

THIS is from Alia

Hi everybody this is Alia
Sorry i haven't' written in a while, I REALLY want to try to do it more often.

I have a NEW GOAL!!!

Its a BIG goal this time........

This summer i want to make 200 OR MORE filled school backpacks for an underprivileged elementary school!!!!

Tomorrow or maybe even today I will put a picture of my flier up so you can see all the details,'

I am so excited to gift this to a whole SCHOOL!!  Can you imagine their surprise!!??

Ok by for now!  I will "see" you later today or tomorrow!

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