Saturday, January 17, 2015

Winter warm shopping!

Today I went shopping with the money I got in donations for the winter warm bags.

This lady at one of the stores we went to was so awesome and really nice! She let me have 20% off anytime I shop there for Simply 7!!! I KNOW this made it so I could afford soooo much more for the bags, you should see ALLLLLL the coats I got!!! She was just so helpful and nice!! Made me happy. 

I'm so excited because of this and with all of you and your donations I just KNOW I reached my goal!! 

My doctor even donated this week!! I was so excited by his generous donation I jumped up and gave him a hug!! I thanked him soooo much!!

And these....aren't they beautiful?!?!? There were soooooo many of them!!! This wonderful lady saw the news story and decided to not only donate gloves but knitted all these amazing hats!! Don't they look warm???!

I'm really excited to deliver the bags!!! My mom said we will put the bags together this week and deliver them on the 26. She has been working with the girl at the shelter and this day is the best to deliver.

I'm giddy to deliver and make difference!

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