Thursday, August 22, 2013

Ding Dong Ditch...A family in need

I heard that there was a family in need and I decided to help them using Simply 7.  They needed simple things like food, toilet paper, and basic stuff.  Also new school clothes.

I am glad I did it.

Me and my best friend and my sisters and parents gathered it all in a box got in the car.  Daddy drove the car real slow and quiet toward their place.  We tiptoed to the door and set the box down.  Everyone ran away, and I stayed there so I could ring the doorbell and run away myself.  I am glad I could do it.  And before we did it, I felt kind of nervous.  But after I ran away I was so excited I wished I could see them get it.

Then we went home and my best friend and I played.

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