Saturday, July 13, 2013

A stranger...

Read my newspaper article and then emailed me.  I talked back and forth with him, then he told me how he did birthday parties and magic shows and stuff like that.  Then he offered to let me come over to his house with my daddy and he gave me a HUGE box 2 feet wide three feet long.  When I opened it I was SOOOO surprised!!  There were dolls, balls, bags, bouncy balls, dinasour eggs, cups and other stuff!!!  SO much stuff for homeless children!!!!  He offered to someohow partner up with me to throw a party for kids.  I want to choose one special family that needs a lot and throw them one.

Its when my little sisters class made a big blanket that I want to give that one special family.  I dont know who they are yet.  But I'm ready to do it!

I am very thankful for kind strangers like Mr. Williams
If you are Mr Jim Williams reading this, thank you SOOOOOOOO much!!!!

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